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LignoPlant provides high quality poplar and willow planting material from our German nurseries. Please visit our web shop and get your energy wood plantation started. 

The varieties offered are among the fastest growing trees in the European temperate zone. This enables you to establish a highly efficient energy wood production within a short time. Please check our website for further information on our high performance poplar and willow varieties as well as best practice guides.

LignoPlant is a service of the Lignovis GmbH based in Hamburg, Germany. Lignovis develops and implements wood plantations projects with fast-growing tree species for farmers, investors and users of biomass. By 2022, Lignovis has established roughly 4,000 ha of poplar and willow plantations on agricultural land in Germany and eight other European countries.

Based on this experience we offer you planting material of particularly high yielding and well-proven varieties from our own tree nurseries in Germany. From a small amount of popler rods to several thousand cuttings of different varieties – you will find the right material for your project in our LignoPlant online-shop.

For larger projects, please contact us for an individual offer. If you got further questions on our services and products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

One-stop shop for planting material & planting services

Smaller poplar plantations are normally established manually, specialised machinery should be used for fields larger than a few hectares. Lignovis operates 10 planting machines and offers full services for projects above several hectares Europe wide. Please contact us for an individual offer. Information, as well as images and videos of some of our planting machines can be found on our Lignovis website.

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  • Hands-on consultancy services & project management
  • Delivery of planting material
  • Establishment with SRC-specific machinery
  • Weed control with special machinery


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