Poplar & willow cuttings and rods

At LignoPlant you will find high yielding and healthy fast growing tree varieties (poplar and willow) for the European temperate zone.

Poplars and willows are propagated vegetatively. In our nurseries, the one year old rods are harvested and cut into cuttings (20 or 35 cm long) or rods. For planting, the material is pushed vertically into the prepared ground and will start sprouting after a few days. Roots emerge from the bark and the main shoot will develop from the top bud.

All poplar planting material offered in the web shop is produced by Lignovis GmbH on its own nurseries in Brandenburg and Saxony. In winter, the poplar shoots are harvested, processed and packed by our personnel into sturdy cardbord boxes. To obtain the optimum freshness the cuttings and rods are stored in a cold store at temperatures below freezing until delivery. The poplar planting material is certified according to the German act on forest propagation material (Forstvermehrungsgutgesetzt – FoVG) and tested according to EU Directive 1999/105.

You can download a summary and description of our poplar varieties here...

High yielding poplar varieties for your plantation

Deckblatt Informationsbroschüre Pappelpflanzgut

Based on our multi-year testing of more than 30 poplar varieties, three clone families stand out due to their particular profitability and health. In our experience FastWOOD, Max, Matrix and Hybride 275 (synonym: NE42 or O.P. 42) ensure the best yields and thus, are unmatched when it comes to commercial short rotation plantations in Germany and Central Europe. At LignoPlant you could conveniently order a total of 9 different poplar and 3 willow varieties online. The material will be delivered at your preferred delivery range during the planting season in spring. LignoPlant cooperates with a number of scientific as well as state-owned breeding institutions to test and evaluate new varieties in long term field trials. We will extend our product range with new and approved varieties. This will allow our customers to select the optimal fast growing tree varieties for upcoming energy wood project.

An outstanding performance and a long term proving process are the basic requirements for new varieties being added to LignoPlant’s product portfolio.

We are only selling tree varieties which we also cultivate in our own plantations!

Europes strongest willows

As a licensed reseller of Salixenergi Europe AB, LignoPlant markets high yielding willow varieties from Lanntmännen SW Seed. Based on several years of experience on our own fields we recommend the varieties Tora, Tordis and Inger for short rotation plantations in Central Europe

The planting material is harvested from nurseries of Salix Energi AB Europe in Germany processed and stored refrigerated until delivery. To the webshop...

Dimensions and specifications


Lignovis offers unrooted and chilled planting material with resting buds with the following specifications. If you need other dimensions for your project, please contact us.

TypeLengthTypical application
regular cutting

20 cm

manuel and mechanical planting of short and medium rotation plantations on well prepared fields with a low weed potential
(it is recommended, to use willow for short rotations only)

large    cutting

30 cm       manual planting of short and medium rotation plantation on difficult agricultural sites
(only poplar, a longer cutting is of higher resiliance and facilitates weed control)
Rod110 cm 

manual planting of medium and long rotation plantation especially on difficult soils as well as free-range poultry farming (poplar)

Manuel planting of hedge and fence structures (willow)

Packaging and shipping

The planting material will be delivered on a prearranged date, which will be selected during the order process. For 2024 the following delivery dates are available:

  • 20.-22. March
  • 3.-5. April
  • 17.-19. April
  • 30. April - 3. May
  • 15.-17. May

For orders exceeding 1,000 €, you could choose an individual delivery date. Please contact us by phone or mail for an appointment.

Smaller order quantities are usually transported by DHL, while larger volumes will be transported by forwarding agents. The planting material is packed in robust cardboard boxes. Delivered plants should be kept cool and planted within a few days.

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Planting material production:

Poplar nursery in Saxony
LignoPlant poplar nursery
Mechanical harvest
Poplar harvest with Rod Picker
Thik planting rods
LignoPlant poplar rods
Cutting production
LignoPlant poplar cuttings
Cuttings in boxes
LignoPlant poplar cuttings in boxes
Chilled storage
LignoPlant poplar planting material in storage
Logistics for large projects
Transportation of rods and cuttings
Planting with Lignovis machinery
Lignovis poplar planting with LignoPlanter
Poastage delivery
LignoPlant poastage of poplar cuttings


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