Shipping costs for poplar and willow planting material

Shipping is only possible within Germany as well as Belgium, France, Denmark, the Netherlands and Austria. Shipping costs depends on type and quantity of the packaging units as well as the destination country.

A flat rate of 16 € incl. VAT is payable per shipment. Then, the following costs per packaging unit are added.

                                                                           Germany                            AT, BE, FR, DK, NL,
Poplar (20 / 35 / 110 cm)
Willow (20 cm)
14,- € / unit32,2 € / unit
Poplar-mix (20 / 35 / 110 cm)42,- € / unit96,6 € / unit
Willow rods (200 cm)30 € / unit69,- € / unit

If the shipping costs of an order process exceed 300 € including VAT, they will be charged with a flat rate of 300 € incl. VAT

Packinging sizes for poplar and willow planting material

Our cuttings and rods are packed in solid cartons and sent to our customers via DHL. Larger orders are to be transported by forwarding agents. We use fixed packaging sizes for our shop orders as carton dimensions and weight are limited by logistics companies.

The following packaging units could be ordered at LignoPlant:

600 cuttings à 20 cm1,200 cuttings à 20 cm1,800 cuttings à 20 cm
300 cuttings à 35 cmn.a.900 cuttings à 35 cm
75 rods à 110 cm100 rods à 200 cm225 rods à 110 cm